The U18s from Stade Plabenneco are ready for the Gambardella Cup, Sunday, in Kervéguen – Plabennec

The Coupe Gambardella is the equivalent of the Coupe de France for senior football, but between under-18s. It is seen as an opportunity for young hopefuls in a national competition. If their eldest, as seniors, will play, on Saturday, January 7, 2023, in the 32nd final, the young Plabennecois will not be surpassed and will face Saint-Nazaire on Sunday, January 8 at 14.30 in Kervéguen, also in the 32nd of the final, and it doesn’t happen every year.

“A group that matures”

However, President Michel Pommele’s young people are not at their first. It is actually the fourth time that the club has reached this level, but there the 16th finals are well within reach against a team of the same level. A meeting for history, which increases the pressure on Kervéguen’s side. The group of 21 players consists partly of players from Stade Plabennecois, but also from Pays des Abers, Haut-Léon or even Brest training center, a partner of the club. “They are especially discovered by Steven Coat, the training manager”, explains Stéphane Maudire, assistant to the trainer, Maxime Carval, who arrived this season. “They are U18s, only one took part in the adventure last year”, explains the latter. “It is a group that is maturing and the players know that they have to play a real cup game with the advantage of receiving. You don’t need to play the game before. We have the opportunity to mark the club’s history. We are not doing any specific preparation, but I ask everyone to be focused on the game plan, also a little physical, although we have to stay fresh and beyond this game is a solid season long”, he also adds.

“A great adventure”

“For these young people, they must realize that it only happens once in a lifetime. So it’s a fantastic adventure and it shows the good level of training at Plabennec,” concludes Stéphane Maudire.


Sunday 8 January at 2.30 pm in Kervéguen. Entrance €2.

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