the threat of a nuclear strike by Russia


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Friday April 15, after multiple failures, some fear that Vladimir Putin will use nuclear force. Live from Washington, United States, journalist Camille Guttin takes stock of this threat.

“The director of the CIA explained yesterday [jeudi 14 avril] that Russian threats should not be taken lightly, and in particular the likelihood of the use of tactical nuclear weapons”, explains Camille Guttin, live from Washington (United States). The setbacks suffered by the Russian military in Ukraine could push the Kremlin to do the unthinkable. “This is the scenario that Washington fears and you know here the tension is not about to fall between the two countries”continues the journalist.

Indeed, Joe Biden granted an additional military aid plan to Ukraine of 800 million dollars, as well as the delivery of heavy weapons and helicopters. “For its part, Moscow criticizes the United States, saying that the Americans are throwing oil on the fire and it promises consequences”, concludes Camille Guttin. The Kremlin constantly reminds Westerners that arming Ukraine will lead to reprisals.

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