“The Tesla, the traction ball and the holiday route”

PODCAST – In this tenth episode of On your rights, get ready, go! warns owners of electric cars.

Can electric cars tow a caravan? You must have noticed that the electric car market is booming. And logically, more and more users want to use this technology to go on family vacations. You should know that technically an electric vehicle can be perfectly approved to mount a ball and tow a caravan or trailer.

Unfortunately, at present there are only a few dozen car models. This option is not offered by entry-level EV manufacturers. You should know that their chassis are not designed to haul a load and such a change to the structure would increase their weight. Not to mention that electric cars with their batteries are already heavier than thermal ones. If we were to add a caravan to them, the autonomy would be greatly reduced. Some models are nevertheless approved for fitting a tow ball, find out which ones by listening to this episode!

In this episode of On your rights, get ready, go!answers journalist Arnaud Saugeras to the question “Can electric cars tow a caravan?”. On your rights, get ready, go! is a podcast from the editorial staff of Le Particulier, presented by Arnaud Saugeras, and produced by Malika Moulai and Edith Tavignot. BenoĆ®t Campagne and Mahault Parent-Deschamps participated in the writing and production of this audio program. Julien Khunel made it happen. The sound design and editing of the episodes was provided by Bababam.

This episode titled “The Tesla, the Towball and the Holiday Route” can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Cast Box starting October 5, 2022. A new episode will be available every Wednesday.


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