The startup Altgency offers a cool rebranding!

Alt agency is the 1st loan management solution that integrates all services and stakeholders on a single platform. His mission? Help borrowers, agents and lenders improve workflow management and data integrity. A mission that the company wants to highlight through a new brand identity designed by its agency JEFF!

“The loan-in-one solution”

Altgency is a young startup in the fintech area and offers a decentralized solution for the administrative management of business loans. In other words, a simple and economical solution to streamline exchanges between lenders and borrowers in the highly funded market where paper is still the norm…

In order to bring its offer to this niche market, and with the contribution of JEFF!, the brand has thus adopted a new signature. To know, ” The loan-in-one solution “. This is the core of the redesign of the brand. The logo and website are revisited accordingly. Similarly, a social media listening system intended for LinkedIn has been created.

Photo credit: JEFF!

A touch of audacity no doubt welcome in a highly competitive and heavily coded sector…

new-identity-digitalized-solution-loan management
Image credit: JEFF!

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