the situation of employees who leave their respective positions


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The reform of the unemployment insurance is under investigation in the Folketing. The journalist Gaspard de Florival is on the set of 13/12, Monday 3 October, to clarify the issue of job cuts.

The reform of the unemployment insurance fund kicks off the debates in the Folketing on Monday 3 October. The journalist Gaspard de Florival takes stock of the set of 12/13, especially on the subject of abandonment of mail. “Legally, in labor law, resignation is a prolonged absence, unjustified and unauthorized by the company”, he explains. Generally, it ends with a dismissal, after which the employee can receive unemployment benefits. “It is this point that the Minister of Labor wants to strengthen”says the journalist.

Gaspard de Florival warns: “Today there are not really any figures on the subject. But according to several Les R├ępublicains deputies, this will sometimes be a hidden means to end a contract because there are certain advantages.” The employee who gives up his position can receive daily allowance as in the case of a dismissal or a contractual termination. “Abandonment of position would become a detour to amicable termination, to the extent that it is cheaper for the employer than a dismissal or a conventional termination, there is no compensation to be paid to the employee.”concludes the journalist.

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