The National Assembly adopts the bill on the initiation of a new social security fund reform at first reading

The bill will now go to the Senate, where it will be considered from 25 October.

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At the first reading, on Tuesday 11 October, the National Assembly passed the bill on the initiation of a new reform of unemployment insurance by 303 votes to 249 and 11 abstentions. LR deputies supported the text.

The text, which will now be considered in the Senate from October 25, aims to allow the government of modulate the unemployment insurance according to the situation on the labor market. It thus makes it possible to lower unemployment benefits when employment improves, and to increase them when unemployment is high.

Article 1 of the text also aims at expand the current operation of the unemployment insurance, as a result of the previous reform that came into force on 1 December 2021. In fact, these rules were originally supposed to end on 1 November.

Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt assured that the government “do not touch[ait] not the compensation amount”. “ISLANDOn the other hand, one may wonder about the conditions for entering the scheme – six months of work out of 24 today – and about the duration of the compensation.estimated Olivier Dussopt in the columns of Sunday newspaper (article reserved for subscribers).

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