the message of support from the US, Canada and Mexico for Lula

North America supports the new Brazilian head of state. US President Joe Biden, his Mexican counterpart Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday assured President Lula of their support in a joint statement after supporters of Jair Bolsonaro attacked places of power in Brazil. . The United States has also indicated that at this time it has not received an official request from Brazil regarding the former far-right Brazilian president, who would be in Florida. “Canada, Mexico and the United States condemn the January 8 attacks against Brazilian democracy and against the peaceful transfer of power,” according to this text released by the White House.

“We stand with Brazil as it defends its democratic institutions” and “we look forward to working with President Lula to achieve results for our countries, for the American continent and beyond”, added the three leaders, who will meet in Mexico City on Monday and Tuesday for diplomatic meeting. “Our governments support the free expression of the will of the Brazilian people,” they wrote.

A disturbing similarity to the attack on the Capitol

President Lula “resumed work at the Planalto Palace” on Monday as sanctions and arrests rained down the day after the invasions of three emblematic places of power in Brasilia by hordes of Bolsonarians. These events obviously have a very special resonance for Joe Biden and for Americans in general. Almost two years ago today, furious supporters of another defeated president, Donald Trump, stormed the Washington Capitol in an attempt to block the Democratic president’s certification.

Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said in an interview with reporters on Monday that the US president intended to speak with his Brazilian counterpart soon, but said that “for now” that discussion had not been concretely planned. He was also questioned about the presence in the United States of Jair Bolsonaro, who would be in Florida according to some media. Joe Biden’s adviser said the US administration was “not in direct contact” with the former leader and did not want to comment on his whereabouts.

“We have not yet received an official request from the Brazilian government in relation to Bolsonaro. Of course, if we received such a request, we would treat it seriously, as always in this type of case”, Jake Sullivan added.

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