The life insurance gets color again in November

Life insurance deposits exceeded outflows in November, up 1.4 billion euros, after several months of discontent, according to figures released Wednesday by the French Association of Assureurs. All the contributions, that is the amounts paid on the contracts, amounted to 12.4 billion euros.i.e. a level that has never been observed in a November month“, emphasizes France Assureurs, while the benefits (which include redemptions and payments in the event of death) amounted to 10.9 billion: it is 900 million more than in November 2021.

Since the summer, notably marked by the doubling of the Livret A rate to 2%, life insurance has alternated between months with negative net inflows, such as August or October, or weakly positive ones. Since the start of the year, life insurance has earned 13.7 billion euros, or 6.2 billion less than in 2021, in the same period. But Eurofunds, whose capital is guaranteed, continue to suffer from savers’ discontent with outflows exceeding those in November, up to €300 million. Between January and November 2022, Eurofunds suffered a real hemorrhage, with an outflow of more than 17 billion euros, three times more than last year in the same period.

The units of account (UC), potentially more profitable but also riskier, on the other hand, have registered net inflows of around €30 billion since January, which is a record. At the end of November, total life insurance outstandings stood at 1.856 billion euros, compared to 1.876 billion at the end of December 2021.


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