the lawyer of the police officer indicted calls for calm

Laurent-Franck Liénard is the lawyer for the policeman who was indicted in particular for “voluntary homicide” in the case of the two men killed on the Pont-Neuf in Paris last Sunday. He was the guest of RMC this Friday morning and calms things down after the call for police unions to demonstrate in support of the young policeman.

Two men died after the shooting of a police officer on the Pont-Neuf, in Paris, Sunday evening. By car, they had refused a check, and ran into the police present in front of the vehicle. The police officer who fired the shots was indicted on Wednesday for “intentional homicide”.

It is this qualification that challenges Me Laurent-Franck Liénard, the policeman’s lawyer, who reacts this Friday morning on RMC.

“The qualification is not very relevant. The policeman who uses his weapon to defend himself from a dangerous situation does not want to kill, he wants to stop, to stop. He does not have a desire to kill, his goal is to protect himself or others.”

“We have time. There is no need to get excited or angry about qualifying”

Self-defense has therefore not been retained for the moment for this police officer, who is only 24 years old.

“It’s a prism through which the magistrates take the file. It shows that the magistrates believe that the shootings are illegitimate, at least some of them. There is no reason to get excited or to worry. irritating because the qualification is evolutionary. So it does not matter the qualification retained at the beginning, what matters to me is the qualification retained at the end of the instruction, in several years. We have time. There is no instead of getting excited or angry about qualifying.”

The young policeman has been in post with the national police for a year and a half, and is still a trainee. He was part of a company responsible for providing security on the Île de la Cité.

This young policeman is known for having plunged into the Seine and saved a woman from drowning when she was trying to commit suicide last February. This Sunday, he fired with an HK G36, a German assault rifle that has equipped the French police and gendarmerie for several years, in particular in response to the terrorist threat.

“The judicial institution is today a machine for crushing people”

Laurent-Franck Liénard, the policeman’s lawyer, gives his news this Friday on RMC. “He is crushed. He imagined the death of his colleague, saw terrifying images.”

Police unions have called for demonstrations to support this young policeman, but he believes that this is not necessarily “relevant”, and calls for “calm things down”.

“I understand the good intentions of the police who want to support the young civil servant. But I consider it a bit dangerous to stand up against the judicial institution. Because the approach (of the judicial institution) if it is not relevant it is in any case legitimate. Very often the qualification is then reduced. It is very scalable. It is not worth standing up against the judicial institution at the risk of annoying everyone. “

Oil on the fire? “That’s exactly it, that’s the risk we take with this type of event. I think we have to respect the judicial institution”, he says before attacking it a little: ” It must be noted that today it is a machine for crushing people. I consider that the police are treated like criminals and that it is not right. It is not possible in a state of law. We must certainly reflect to new investigation procedures.

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