the lawyer had embezzled €200,000, he is condemned by his peers and the courts

This lawyer from the Vesoul bar had collected €200,000, a sum which should have gone to his clients. This Monday, July 18, he was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence by the Besançon court. The Regional Disciplinary Council imposed a 3-year ban on him.

The Vésulian lawyer acknowledged the facts: his clients never received the money they should have received following won trials. Amount of damage: €200,000.

Alerted, the chairman of Vesoul, Maître Anne Lagarrigue, initiated disciplinary proceedings. Immediately, Maître Pascal B. had been temporarily suspended from his right to practice as a lawyer.

Monday, July 18, Anne Lagarrigue communicated the decision of the regional disciplinary council: Master Pascal B. is sentenced to 3 years of prohibition to practice.

Moreover, in parallel with this decision taken by his peers, justice also condemned him. The Besançon court imposed a one-year suspended prison sentence on him and a fine of €40,000, of which €30,000 was suspended.

Maître Anne Lagarrigue says she is satisfied with this case: “ We were able to detect the seriousness of the facts, implemented a disciplinary procedure and we were able to quickly put an end to these breaches. »

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