the largest pizza in the world has just been split into… 68,000 pieces

When we love, we don’t count. Gourmands will rejoice at this new, broken record, which is the largest pizza in the world. It measures no less than 1,310 m2.

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The race for all kinds of records often provides surprising information. In the USA, the Pizza Hut group has made a pizza of 1,310 m2, which breaks the record for the largest pizza in the world.

The numbers give spin. To make this pizza there was required 2,245 liters of tomato sauce, 3,992 kilos of cheese, 6,193 kilos of dough and 630,496 slices of pepperoninoticed
RTL, forwarding an article from CNN. The 68,000 slices cut from this pizza were donated to food banks.

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The previous record dates back to 2012, when a 1,261 meter pizza was prepared.

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