The King’s Ransom, ready to meet Tommy Shelb…

We didn’t believe it anymore after being announced a while ago almost 4 years so after disappearing from the radars, we thought that the project ofadaptation in virtual realityin collaboration with Endemol Shine Group, from the famous BBC series taken over by us on Arte and then on Netflix and Prime Video, had fallen through.

Major damage has hit us since Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom recently re-emerged in good form, and Maze Theory (Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality) even just revealed a publication date for his VR action adventure game which will feature exploration, puzzles and of course shooting phases.

Welcome to Birmingham

Although the British studio was originally considering a launch this end of the year, it had to review its projects a bit. Hopefully we could investigate the streets of London and Birmingham in the 1920s and go for a drink Garrison pub starts March 9, 2023 on Quest 2 and Pico 4 against €29.99before you join PCVR headset afterwards.

As you can see in new trailer posted to celebrate this, the title seems to want us to encounter a lot iconic charactersin the foreground of which are Tommy and Arthur Shelbybut also Polly Grey.

To notice it Cillian Murphy (Thomas) and Paul Andersen (Arthur) will reprise their roles themselves. Helen McCrory (Polly) unfortunately did not have the opportunity to do the same. A very nice suggestion, at least for fans of the series.

So ready to join the Peaky Blinders gang?

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