The Kabyles ready for the 2nd round

It was yesterday, after playing the fourth and final friendly against FK Oleksandria from Ukraine, that the winter training camp that took place in the city of Antalya came to an end. The yellow and green are returning to the country today.

After 17 days of intense work, where the technical staff worked on the physical and the technical-tactical, it is today that the formation of JSK returns to Tizi-Ouzou. It must be said that Guenina’s comrades worked hard during this course and applied to the letter the program that the technical staff outlined for them throughout their stay at the Fame RĂ©sidence Kemer hotel and at the Oflaz Kemer Kartallari training camp. , especially when you know. that the appropriate means are made available to them to succeed in their course of preparation. The players have given everything since the first training in this camp with the aim of returning to Algeria with charged batteries, considering the great importance of the next deadlines that await them, in the league, in the Algerian Cup and in the African Champions League. In light of the great efforts they have made, we do not hesitate to say that Miloud Hamdi’s capes have succeeded in the most important phase of the winter preparation, it is up to them to confirm during the official competition with the aim of making a spectacular comeback in the league and save the club from relegation and go as far as possible in the Algerian Cup and also in the Champions League. A difficult mission awaits Hamdi and his colt in the return phase, especially in the league, where the team failed to do better than finishing the first phase instead of the first relegators. Boualia’s teammates show a good state of mind and used this internship to fill the gaps and show a better face in the return phase.

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Flight at 7.40, arrival in Algiers around 3 p.m.

JSK’s yellow and green delegation leaves the Fame Residence Kemer hotel this morning at 06.00 heading towards Antalya airport. A bus will be provided for them by the course organizer on the first day after the team’s arrival in Antalya. As a reminder, JSK will take the national company Turkish Airlines’ flight at 9:40 a.m. (local time) and 7:40 a.m. (Algerian time) and will make a stopover at Istanbul Airport before taking another flight at 1:30 p.m. (local time) and 11:30 a.m. (Algerian time) and arrive at Houari- Boumediene International Airport around 15:00 (Algerian time).

Two days rest will be given to the players

JSK players must have two days off, no more. Mohamed Guemroud’s comrades will have just enough time to visit their families before returning to work. After a long absence, players must recharge their batteries with their loved ones before returning to the city of Tizi-Ouzou to resume work. The restoration will in principle take place next Thursday, in the afternoon, at the stadium 1er-November-1954. JSK will begin the home stretch for the resumption of the competition and the championship match against ASO, which was to be pushed forward to February 6.

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