The Invechjà bè workshops, the insurance of a social bond in Fium’Orbu-Castellu

Ensuring that seniors can maintain social ties is certainly as important as providing them with medical follow-up. It is in this context that the workshops Invechjà bè In Corsicalaunched three years ago community center for social action of Ghisonaccia and which followed a call for projects from the Corsican community, has appeared.

“The goal is to offer a series of free workshops for seniors, explains Angèle Manfredi, the president of CCAS at the initiative of the project. These workshops are open to all residents over the age of 60 in the Fium’Orbu-Castellu area.

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Gymnastics workshops gather many people.  - Doctor

And the choice is varied. Soft gym, IT, pole walking, culture, nutrition, memory, self-esteem with advice on make-up and body care, the program even offers a workshop with the aim of updating the traffic law. “We are fortunate to be able to rely, since launch, on serious, dynamic stakeholders who really take everyone’s needs into account”, continues Angèle Manfredi.

If these workshops obviously have a practical function with a real interest, they also make it possible to break the social bond and encourage encounters between people. “We don’t suspect it, but the isolation of the elderly is a real nuisance, adds the president. So if, in addition to giving them a sports session or an update in an area, we can give them the opportunity to create relationships that they will see even outside of the workshop, that is a success.”

Registration takes place at the town hall in Ghisonaccia or on 04 95 56 15 10.

The soft physical workshops take place every Monday at 15.00, the computer workshop every Tuesday at 14.00 at the Ghisonaccia media library, scepter walks take place once a week, and CCAS organizes four cultural outings a year, a commemorative workshop once a week. month and a self-esteem workshop once a quarter. The traffic law is updated twice a year. What to do.

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