The increase in health insurance costs may exceed 3.5% in 2023

The planned increase in health insurance costs for 2023 could exceed 3.5% compared to 2022, ministerial delegate for health professionals, Agnès Firmin Le Bodo, said on France Inter on Saturday. The Social Security Financing Act “will be increasing with an Ondam (national target for health insurance spending) which will be higher than 3.5%,” the minister said.

This bill will be presented to the Council of Ministers on September 26, added Agnès Firmin Le Bodo. The minister had a word for the hospital system, which has been “sick for several years”.

The health insurance company presented measures in July to limit its spending to 1.2 billion euros next year, which will not be enough to cover a double-digit deficit. This deficit has been largely widened by Covid-19. After the abysmal records in 2020 (-30 billion) and 2021 (-26 billion), losses should still reach 19 billion this year and remain at more than 13 billion next year and beyond.

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