The honor of Cos. The cadets are ready to lift their heads on Saturday, in Gers

Last weekend the L’Honor-de-Cos cadet team started the Occitanie Regional Territorial Championship 2 U 16 by receiving training from the URBR (Sports Union Plaisance-du-Gers, Riscle, Entente Lower River).

Unfortunately, Honorois, having started badly in the match, lost this first match (14 to 23) without being unworthy. Co-coach Patrick Laronde did not question Gersois’ victory in any way, but lamented that the referee stopped the game five minutes before, depriving his players of a perfectly feasible defensive bonus point.

And to add: “We want to keep the courage, the selflessness in this group. The mistake is that our team rushes too much, which leads to a lack of maturity, but we will correct that. On Saturday, we play at Kondom, against Armagnac/Tenareze Entente (Vic-Fezensac, Kondom, Eauze).

We expect our young players to raise their heads, we trust them. Parents who are interested in coming and supporting us are welcome.

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