The health insurance company is launching a national campaign on heart failure

Rrecently the health insurance launched an awareness campaign to prevent heart failure, which affects no less than 1.5 million people in France. A number that should increase by 25% every four years, due to many factors: deterioration of the quality of life, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, diet…

Heart failure mainly affects people over the age of 60, but the incidence increases before the age of 55. More than 10% of people over 70 are affected by this chronic disease.

Symptoms ignored by seniors

Unusual shortness of breath, rapid weight gain, edema of the feet and ankles, excessive tiredness. The symptoms are clearly distinguishable and yet only 19% of seniors can name them. In order to inform about this all-too-little-known disease, Sygesikringen has therefore launched a national information campaign. TV spot, radio spot, educational videos broadcast in pharmacies and waiting rooms at multi-professional health centres, etc.

Even health professionals will be made aware by the Health Insurancewhich hopes to increase the number of people who know how to define the disease (45% in 2022).


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