The Greens are ready to launch an inquiry into the Gare du Sud fiasco

The elected representatives of the Nice Ecological group are working to create an information mission to understand what has caused the gourmet hall to fail so far. The city council in early October gives them, or not, the authority to begin their work.

They need 12 small elected representatives out of 69. Juliette Chesnel-​Le Roux, chairwoman of the green opposition group in the municipal council, therefore picked up her pen last Wednesday to join all her colleagues.

According to her “learning all the lessons from the failure of the Gare du Sud in recent years will enable the new buyer not to repeat them”, as she explains to Nice-​Presse on 19 September.


Nice Écologique believes that concrete elements are missing to clearly explain how this concept of a gourmet market installed in a monument in the Libé district could have been so doomed (condemned hygiene, furious restaurateurs, etc.).

“We are not in the logic of looking for culprits at all costs, but in finding solutions so that it works in the future”.

The political group intends to clarify the issue as soon as possible. But to pull together a fact-finding mission and have access to all the documents, you need to find allies.

The former RNs of Retrouver Nice grabbed the ball and jumped. “I hope it won’t just be them, each of the elected representatives can follow us” remembers Juliette Chesnel-​Le Roux.

The two Ciotti advisers, Bernard Chaix and Gaëlle Frontoni, who were removed from the central majority last year, have not yet responded.

Since the Greens have a sufficient number of supporters, it is possible to submit the request for the establishment of a mission before the next city council. Who will then vote, to allow or not the launch of this inspection.

On Friday, September 16, the deputy mayor in charge of shops, Franck Martin, explained in Nice-​Presse that we should expect “Big work” for the new version of the Gare du Sud, promised to open “in the first quarter of 2023”.

Its buyer, the IERA group, will bet on a concept “based on Mediterranean cuisine”. No further details at this time.

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