The Google Pixel 7 is on sale and drops below €600

The 2023 sale is almost (already) over, but we still have a few days left to take advantage of the best deals of the moment before everything goes up again. If this year’s winter sales have not really made an impression, they will have been quite interesting for the smartphone sector with some offers that deserved a look, such as the OnePlus Nord 2. This time on Google’s side, we lean towards the very latest Google Pixel 7which is already eligible for a promotion that will interest those who want to get the latest fashionable model without paying a high price.

Where to find the Google Pixel 7 at the best price?

Released last October, this Pixel 7 has qualities to spare with a camera that is obviously its biggest strength, as we would expect for a Google Pixel. You will also have no problem playing the latest mobile games at the moment thanks to its Google Tensor G2 processor.

Usually shown around €650, It is now on sale at Amazon. You can find the Google Pixel 7 for €565a reduction of 13%, which is quite interesting for a model that is only a few months old.

Buy Google Pixel 7 for only €599

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