The French are ready to accept the weight of the ecological transition on their wallets


Many of them agree to change their habits, even if it means paying the price.

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( – The government details this Thursday its “energy sobriety” plan aim to reduce energy consumption in France by 10%, to get through the winter without problems, in a context of reduced supplies and sky-high electricity prices. Lower heat, reduced lighting, savings in transport are particularly on the menu.

The French themselves already believe that the organic transition is having an impact on their purchasing power: 61% feel it, of which 20% say they feel it strongly, according to the latest Cofidis/CSA Research barometer devoted to ‘purchasing power’. And for a majority of them (69%) this impact is quite negative.

Ready to change habits

This does not prevent the French from wanting to change their consumption habits in favor of the ecological transition. 70% of them say they are ready to do so, including mostly 35-49 year olds (77%) and CSP+ (79%). “And if the latter are ready to act, it is above all by reducing their waste linked to their consumption (92%), by lowering their energy consumption (91%) or even by buying more locally, organically or directly from the manufacturer (89%),” reads a message.

In addition to investing in greener energies for homes, which require a greater effort, the French are ready to change their behavior for all actions that do not require a significant financial investment.


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