The forest cat is back in the area, and that’s very good news

In recent weeks, Parc des Bauges agents have detected the presence of forest cats in seven municipalities in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Also called “felis sylvestris”, this wild feline is making a comeback in France, reports The Dauphine.

Present for several years in the Pyrenean area and the greater north-eastern quarter, its presence in the Savoyard sector is positive for the environment. The agents of the Parc des Bauges have identified several individuals thanks to the photo traps supposed to observe wolves and lynx.

A conducive ecosystem

Protected species since 1976 in France, the forest cat had gradually disappeared from the landscape after having long been the subject of shooting and traps. It can reach 5 kg for a male and 3.5 kg for a female and is recognized by its very characteristic coat.

According to a project manager at the Massif des Bauges Regional Natural Park, its presence is good news, because it means that “the ecosystem meets its needs”. The Dauphine specifies that some forest cats have been seen up to 1,500 m altitude.

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