The foreclosure of mortgages due to usury is less “aggravated” in Creuse

“There are files that are blocked, clearly”, recognizes Julien Perrot, agency director at Human Immobilier in Chateauroux, whose files concern Indre and Creuse.

“In a similar project, where the nominal rate, not APR (which includes all the additional costs associated with your loan, ed. note) some time ago, was 1.29%, 1.34% over 25 years, in today we exceed 2%. So that affects your borrowing capacity.”

Julien Perrot (agency director at Human Immobilier)

However, Julien Perrot believes that the blocking phenomenon on certain real estate projects is less in Creuse compared to “ultra-urban sectors”.

This is how the beautiful villages of Limousin sell

Rural market versus urban market

“It’s less exacerbated in rural areas like ours. The rural market is always affected more or less out of step with the urban market. For example, on property prices, urban markets are precursors: if you have a 10% increase in these markets, the increase will be more or less nuanced and displaced in rural markets. »
Director Meilleurtaux Guéret and Châteauroux, Marie-Hélène Milhiet confirms her colleague’s opinion.

“If around 45% of the loans are blocked nationally, it is a little under for us. Afterwards, we have solutions to help: Find, for example, a cheaper insurance policy than the one offered by the bank. »

Marie-Helene Milhiet (director of the agency Meilleurtaux Guéret Chateauroux)

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For borrowers who can, increase their contribution. Julien Perrot indicates that some banks now offer variable interest rates, but he warns: “I say, be careful! Because these kinds of products can and will put people in very serious trouble! It is the advisory role of the bank or intermediary to call for great vigilance. “.

Maximum interest rate at which it is possible to borrow.

Daniel Lauret

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