the executive branch accused of “attacking” the common system

Unions and employers find the practice of the executive towards them very cavalier. In connection with the dispute, there are recent arbitration cases from the public authorities which affect “joint management” – that is, systems that are jointly managed by the social partners. This form of governance is “violently attacked”condemns Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, the president of Medef, whose displeasure is shared by other employers’ movements and by workers’ organizations.

First point of contention: Action Logement, which invests in the construction of homes. This structure will pay 300 million euros, which will be injected into stone support. An effort dictated by the 2023 Finance Act, which remains at the throats of union and employer leaders.

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“It is a breach of the given word”, indignant Mr. Roux de Bézieux, which by this meant that there seemed to be an agreement with the Ministry of Housing not to carry out such a puncture. Marylise Léon, number two in the CFDT, is equally critical: “The state is pocketing a common institution to meet its funding needs in a context where it is struggling to balance its budget and social security. »

Another source of friction: the supplementary private pension funds Agirc-Arrco. From 2023, the collection of contributions to the scheme will be left to the Urssaf network. A change that was prepared for a long time and confirmed by Bercy, on September 27, when the social partners demanded it be postponed. “The transfer is not technically ready”, believes Mr. Roux de Bézieux and alludes to the fact that the operation may affect the calculation of the rights of the insured. Furthermore, he adds, “This paves the way, as part of the pension reform, for a tax on Action Logement”. Understood: The director, who exercises a dominant role over Urssaf, looks at the funds dedicated to supplementary pensions. A concern also expressed by Léon, who wonders if the State has not “the temptation to use the reserves in Agirc-Arrco”.

“Lessons in good management”

This lament is underscored by the fate of unemployment insurance. In normal times, it is the employees’ and employers’ organizations that set the rules for the scheme. But the bill, which has been debated since Monday 3 October in the National Assembly, is temporarily handed over to the government.

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