the Cybertruck will keep its strange design well, Elon Musk confirms it

During an interview broadcast on YouTube, Elon Musk announces that the design of the Cybertruck has finally been stopped. There will therefore be no further changes in the future. The electric pickup will therefore be able to enter its production phase with its strange design that we know. It should be remembered that the marketing of the vehicle is still scheduled for 2023.

the cybertruck is, to date, certainly Tesla’s craziest project. Presented in November 2019, this electric pick-up with an extraordinary chassis benefits from an angular and futuristic exterior design. The vehicle has often been mocked for its odd looks and gargantuan dimensions. And even the car manufacturer had fun by releasing a miniature toy in 2020 and a year later the Cyberquad for children. Nothing better than buzz to create a legend.

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However, three years after its formalization, the Cybertruck is still not on the roads. The American firm has indeed had to make some adjustments to the pick-up, particularly in terms of bodywork and chassis. It was bad luck: the car didn’t go everywhere. Too big for parking lots and residential garages. Too high for certain tunnels, in particular those of The Boring Company (directed by Elon Musk…). Too big for European streets.

The design of the Cybertruck is finally finalized

Tesla has therefore refined the design of the electric pickup. Last February, the firm’s boss confirmed that he had reduced the dimensions of the Cybertruck by about 3%, to ensure that it could be used everywhere. In recent months, other small changes have certainly been made. But there won’t be any more. Elon Musk confirmed this to an American YouTube channel, Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (you can find the last part of the interview at the end of this article).

The announcement of the final design of the Cybertruck is an important milestone for the production of the vehicle. Indeed, Tesla will now be able to focus on its manufacturing. Remember that the first commercial copies are expected in 2023, according to the latest forecasts from Elon Musk. The latter has also indicated that the Texan Gigafactory will begin assembly in the middle of next year, the time to provide spare parts (the shortage also affecting the automotive market) and to adapt the production lines. .

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