The city of Paris launches its home insurance

Paris City Hall launches today (Monday) home insurance for social and private tenants in Paris. Unlike the differences charged by private insurance according to the districts of residence, this insurance offers the same rates regardless of the district of residence.

A price modulated according to the home

The price only variesdepending on the number of rooms in the home. The renter of a studio must pay 130 euros per year against 194 euros for a three-room apartment and 220 euros for a five-room apartment.

This offer is for Parisians with an income of around 2000 euros net per month for a single person, a little over 3000 euros for a couple and a little more than 4700 euros for a family with two children.

No exclusion criteria and 24/7 assistance

Among the great advantages of this insurance, you can get help 24/24 and 7 days a week, regardless of the disaster or collapse. Locksmith problems are also included.

Membership which does not include no subscription feeshappens very quickly online on the insurance company’s website
which deals directly with the termination of the old contract.

“Quality assurance at an affordable price”

For Ian Brossat, housing assistant at Paris City Hall, “the purpose of this home insurance is to ensure that the most modest Parisians can benefit from one quality assurance at a price that is not too expensive“.

He points out that “some Parisians do not have home insurance, even though it is mandatory. Many of them are of poor qualitywhich poorly covers the risks“.

For Ian Brossat,”the overall goal is to support Parisians’ modest purchasing power. We would like to give them the opportunity to have insurance at a reduced price, but of good quality. We want to ensure that Parisians can continue to live in this city they love“.

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