The 3Ls are ready for a big weekend

It starts strong with two big matches. Their rivals, the Hawks, tonight, and tomorrow the defending champions last season, in Thetford.

“We have a very fruitful month of November. We have collected a lot of points in the standings and now we are at the forefront of the race to seek positions at the top of the standings, but it is not an easy weekend. Sorel Tracy tonight , probably our most natural rivalry in the league. There is also Thetford on Saturday night, but against Sorel these are special games and it sets the table for a big month of hockey on the side of Center Premier Tech,” noted general manager Fabien Dubé.

Also, as we mentioned to you yesterday, there will be a big hockey party in Rivière-du-Loup this weekend. The Sphinx Classic, a school hockey tournament, started this morning. The 3Ls tonight and the Albatross on Saturday and Sunday. The Louperivoise team in the North American League is looking to set the table for a victorious weekend.

“We know a lot of hockey is played on the Rivière-du-loup side and we want to start the weekend off right for hockey fans. It’s December, we’re now in hockey mode, all the fall activities are over, it is time to come to hockey and we hope that those who come tonight will have a good show, because those who came in the last game probably had the most spectacular game in 2 years.”

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