the 12 best foods to reduce swelling

Edema of the legs, feet, stomach, fingers of the hands, even generalized swelling of the body with increased weight… These symptoms which tend to increase throughout the day with, in the evening, the impression to have two poles at the bottom of the legs, are those of water retention and concern one in two women.

What causes water retention? “The body is made up of 65% water with water movements between the inside and the outside of the cells. Sometimes the water has difficulty entering the cells and it accumulates in particular in the lower body due to gravity,” explains dietician Nathalie Négro. The most common causes can be a problem with blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, hormonal fluctuation, kidney function. Taking certain medications such as anti- inflammatory and anti-hypertensive drugs may also play a role.

Diet, a natural remedy for water retention

To fight against water retention, it is first necessary to reduce salt consumption and to eliminate foods that promote this retention: industrial sugars, fats, and in particular saturated fats such as butter, sauces, mayonnaise, deli meats and fatty meats.

But on the plate, waterEspecially not. “If we drink less, the kidneys will function less well and eliminate less, warns Dr. Laurence Plumey. You must drink 1.5 liters of water (…)


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