Tesla: Elon Musk (again) gives a date for 100% autonomous driving

It is known, Elon Musk does not hold back when it comes to announcing new technological advances, which has also earned him many missed deadlines. Today, he predicts 100% autonomous driving in a year’s time.

In the automotive industry, we hear everything and its opposite about self-driving cars, especially when it comes to when they could become a reality.

For the moment, almost all autonomous driving systems available on the market, including Tesla’s famous Autopilot, are satisfied with SAE level 2 autonomy and therefore require supervision by the driver, who remains responsible for the vehicle. Level 4 driverless autonomous cars are already in circulation in certain demarcated areas, but only as part of experiments.

100% autonomous driving next year at Tesla?

During a trip to Brazil for the deployment of its Starlink service, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, once again discussed Autopilot with local journalists. He announced that Tesla’s self-driving system would enable driving without the need for a driver “in about a year”i.e. around May 2023.

In reality, this is far from the first time that Elon Musk has come forward on this subject. As early as 2015, he hoped to offer a conduct “completely autonomous” within two years. In 2019, he also announced the launch of a fleet of robotaxis in 2020.

Although Autopilot has made significant progress in recent years, these goals have never been achieved and do not appear to be on the way. It remains to be seen whether this new deadline will be the right one.

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