Tesla believes its competitors are Chinese and Korean automakers

At the Qatar Economic Forum, Elon Musk, the leader of Tesla, mentioned the automotive subject, even if he was more in demand on questions relating to Space X, Twitter or Dogecoin. To his eyes, the Volkswagen group is not overtaking Tesla despite its pharaonic investments in electromobility.

The electric car, a computer on wheels

“Volkswagen’s strengths are its size, the strength of its brands, the number of its models and the breadth of its industrial network, but in the age of electric vehicles, these are also disadvantages », he says. And to continue: Especially since the manufacturing processes of an electric vehicle are very different from those of a thermal model. Electric cars are computers on wheels and control of the software component is central, especially for the BMS (note: Battery management system) ». And to add that it is no secret that Volkswagen has problems with its software platform and that the group is not making rapid progress in this area.

Delivery times that are getting longer at Tesla

For Elon Musk, the competition does not necessarily come from historical manufacturers. To his eyes, Chinese and Korean manufacturers are the best equipped to deal with electrification and its implications. Especially since they show humility and evolve “in an empirical logic, without much discourse”.

Elon Musk also pointed out that Tesla’s main current difficulty lies in supplies and the supply chain, which is hampering the ramp-up of production and lengthening delivery times, because demand remains very strong.

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