Why take out travel cancellation insurance?

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Here are 5 good reasons why it is useful to take out such insurance: When you book a trip in good time The more you book in advance, the more you increase the likelihood that an unforeseen event will occur between the reservation date and the trip. This guarantee covers you in the event of … Read more


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Comprehensive cancellation cover with appropriate excess: – Epidemic guarantee with a deductible of €30 • Quarantine of the insured in the 14 days before departure after contamination with COVID-19 justified by a medical authority. Proof is required. • Refusal of boarding by the insured following a temperature measurement or a positive result for COVID 19 … Read more

Life insurance is still skating in September

Life insurance is still skating in September

Life insurance contracts registered a net inflow of 0.5 billion euros in September, three times less than in the same month last year, according to figures released on Friday by France Assureurs. However, it is slightly better than the month of August 2022, when life insurance had registered a net outflow: The amounts paid out … Read more

(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility in insurance

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Today, citizens’ environmental concerns are naturally very present. On the other hand, the responsible dimension is slightly smaller, despite expectations of strong commitment from the companies. Insurance is no exception, although the projection exercise, like banking, is even more complicated than for other categories (transport, tourism and distribution) In the insurance sector, CSR will be … Read more

Strike insurance

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Subject of the guarantee The insurance company compensates the Subscriber for financial losses, in the event that the journey mentioned in the special conditions is cancelled, shortened or postponed due to the occurrence of any unforeseen (or case of force majeure) that is not expressly excluded and which is without for the company’s control. or … Read more

Insurance for business trips

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Today, companies regularly send their employees around the world. Wherever they are, they should be able to benefit from quick assistance, whatever their problem. The countries with the greatest growth potential are often the riskiest and most unpredictable. Companies must ensure that their employees traveling on business benefit from the advice and guarantees necessary to … Read more

Asian Development Bank pledges $14 billion in loans

Asian Development Bank pledges $14 billion in loans

The Asian Development Bank pledged on Tuesday to provide $14 billion in loans over four years to improve food security in poor countries in the Asia-Pacific amid rising global prices and climate change. The bank, which provides loans and grants to the poorest countries in the Asia-Pacific region, said the funding will target, among other … Read more

The French, ready to reduce the environmental impact of their holidays?

40% des Français déclarent vouloir changer leurs projets de vacances pour 2023 suite aux évènements climatiques survenus cet été - DR : DepositPhotos.com, realinemedia

In detail, 77% of people surveyed say they are ready to be accommodated places heated to a maximum of 19 degrees. And among the other most frequently mentioned measures to reduce energy consumption, the closing of heated outdoor swimming pools (40%), the stopping of snow cannons (22%) and the increase in offers that favor train … Read more

Crédit Mutuel and Allianz merge

Crédit Mutuel and Allianz merge

Assurances du Crédit Mutuel and Allianz France announced on Friday in a joint press release a partnership to offer products to companies, especially to farmers, to the chagrin of the self-employed who distribute contracts and fear competition from banks. Specifically, the Crédit Mutuel banks, of which every third French company is a customer, with the … Read more

British motorists and lawyers demonstrate against inflation

Lawyers in gowns and wigs demanding an increase in their remuneration to snail operations on the roads for the drop in fuel prices, British inflation gave rise to new demonstrations on Monday. Read alsoModerna to build RNA vaccine research and production facility in UK Historic strike last month in the UK Against a background of … Read more