Netflix, Google, Meta..: how can technological rockets take off again in 2023

Netflix, Google, Meta..: how can technological rockets take off again in 2023

2022, collapse in income value In 2022, the music died suddenly. A rampant inflation has caused a collapse in the value of future earnings for speculative businesses. It has also forced consumers to tighten their wallets. The war in Ukraine and the deterioration of geopolitical relations between China and the West have increased uncertainty. The … Read more

After ChatGPT ‘Red Alert’, Google should show AI-infused search engine

After ChatGPT 'Red Alert', Google should show AI-infused search engine

Google is infusing artificial intelligence into many of its services and applications, but the search engine has missed the train of content-generating bots. Especially text, which ChatGPT offers with disturbing results. And this train is launched at full speed: ChatGPT can trigger one of those technological revolutions, which redistributes the cards in the technology sector … Read more

Google Help for News Publishers

Start-ups, such as newspapers, have benefited from Google’s contribution to stimulating innovative initiatives. “Short projects, implemented quickly, with slightly less funds”… It is in these terms that Ludovic Blecher, head of the Google News Initiative Innovation, presented his program, which aims to instill an R&D culture in the press. The idea is now to find … Read more

the app now has a tool that makes presentations even easier

Google Meet

A video conferencing service which Google Meet is never frozen in time. It is constantly improving to offer its users the best possible experience. The last big improvement to Google’s app is to Personal Notes. Credit 123RF The competitor of Zoom managed to find an ingenious way that should now make it easier for presenters … Read more

competitor to Google, answer your emails for you. What future for the AI ​​phenomenon?

competitor to Google, answer your emails for you.  What future for the AI ​​phenomenon?

Can ChatGPT eclipse Google or is it destined to become a great assistant for doing everyday digital tasks? After the discovery of the skill of the conversational robot doped with artificial intelligence from the company OpenAI, the time has already come for speculation about the future concrete applications of this platform phenomenon. Available to the … Read more

a new interface announced soon

Google Home

The new year has gotten off to a pretty good start for Google’s application. According to information reported by 9to5Google, it will soon benefit from a new interface. It will have new features that will help better control connected products. ©dimarik16/123RF.COM According to media reports, the application, which has become an essential home automation tool … Read more

Version 3 of Speedometer, Apple’s web benchmark, will be developed with Google and Mozilla

Version 3 of Speedometer, Apple's web benchmark, will be developed with Google and Mozilla

A third fairy looks at Speedometer, the web benchmark developed by Apple since 2014. In addition to Apple, the measurement tool made way for Google in 2018 for its version 2.0. And version 3.0 in development has a new godmother on board, Mozilla! We are happy to work with @googlechrome and @firefox on the next … Read more

Solar energy in the spotlight on Google with an animated Doodle dedicated to Mária Telkes – Search engines – Articles

Google Doodle : Hommage à Mária Telkes la reine du soleil

For those who wake up and who have not yet opened the Internet and especially made a search this morning on the favorite search engine, the logo dedicated to the end of the year celebration of the Mountain View Firm has been replaced again this Monday with an animated Doodle with the title “Tribute to … Read more

Google Assistant would leave the speakers of other brands

Google Assistant would leave the speakers of other brands

Google Assistant is discreet about third-party products, its designer has decided to reserve the assistant for its products rather than pursue partnerships with little or no profitability. In an October article, they generally write better informed The information reported on new strategic directions at Google, including a downward revision of partnerships that allow third-party manufacturers … Read more

Google Chrome releases new update to install urgently against hacks

Google is once again calling on its users to be vigilant. For the third time since the beginning of the year, the American giant has discovered a security breach targeting its Google Chrome browser, used by more than 3.2 billion people around the world and particularly targeted by hackers. Named CVE-2022-1364, this vulnerability is already … Read more

Amazing ‘invisible house’ spotted on Google Maps

In West London, a strange invisible house intrigues passers-by but also Internet users via Google Maps. In London, in the Richmond district, an architect let loose by imagining “an invisible house”. For this, he covered the front facade with mirrors. The effect is so stunning that many passers-by don’t even notice this house. And if … Read more