Google Chrome releases new update to install urgently against hacks

Google is once again calling on its users to be vigilant. For the third time since the beginning of the year, the American giant has discovered a security breach targeting its Google Chrome browser, used by more than 3.2 billion people around the world and particularly targeted by hackers. Named CVE-2022-1364, this vulnerability is already … Read more

Amazing ‘invisible house’ spotted on Google Maps

In West London, a strange invisible house intrigues passers-by but also Internet users via Google Maps. In London, in the Richmond district, an architect let loose by imagining “an invisible house”. For this, he covered the front facade with mirrors. The effect is so stunning that many passers-by don’t even notice this house. And if … Read more

First (very brief) preview of Google’s new iOS to Android migration app

Google is currently testing its new application for migrating data from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. This app called Switch to Android has been rumored for a few weeks and has made a discreet appearance on the App Store. Google is using the App Store’s new private linking system, so the app won’t be … Read more

Google and GitHub propose to reduce supply chain hacking | Informatic direction

Howard Solomon – 04/11/2022 Three major IT companies have proposed a way to create tamper-proof versions of apps that reduce the risk of supply chain hacks, like the one against SolarWinds’ chain. Several of the recent high-profile software hacks that alarmed free computing users around the world were consequences of supply chain integrity vulnerabilities, Google … Read more

“But why do it there?”

Stories Unusual stories Published on Friday, April 8, 2022 at 7:47 p.m. By Sudinfo This couple thought they were well isolated in order to have a little privacy in the middle of nature. That was without counting a Google Car driver passing by! In addition to helping people find their way, Google Street View has … Read more

the Paris Court of Appeal confirms the fine of 150 million euros imposed on Google

The case concerns its Google Ads advertising platform, whose rules imposed on advertisers have been judged by the Competition Authority “opaque and difficult to understand“. The Paris Court of Appeal confirmed on Thursday April 7 the fine of 150 million euros imposed by the Competition Authority more than two years ago against Google. The case … Read more

Google is creating a new AI to fight misinformation and promote original reporting

By reading the official Google blog, we learn that the firm has decided to fight misinformation by creating a special AI. The Internet is a gold mine for finding information, but for several years, with the appearance of fake news, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain information with dignity. Google then wants to solve … Read more

Google in turn launches drone deliveries

Alphabet Wing will begin deliveries to the Dallas area on April 7. What if drone delivery was the solution to serve isolated homes? The answer is yes. After having imagined pizza deliveries by the window of the apartments, the Gafa realize the obvious: the operation is simpler in a garden. This April 7, Wing, the … Read more