Suspected of harassment, lawyer Emmanuel Pierrat banned from practicing for two months

Lawyer Emmanuel Pierrat was sentenced on Thursday, for suspicion of harassment, to a two-month ban on practicing after a disciplinary hearing with the Paris Bar Council, a-t- we learned this Tuesday from a source familiar with the matter.

Emmanuel Pierrat, who appeared during a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday June 28, was found guilty of breaches of the essential principles of the profession and sentenced to a nine-month sentence of temporary ban on exercise, seven of which were suspended, according to a source familiar with the matter. He also does not have the right to stand for ordinal elections for ten years, according to the same source.

In a survey published by Liberation in February 2021, around twenty people who worked with the lawyer had described a climate of fear, insults and contempt exercised by their boss, and facts that could amount to harassment. In a long right of reply, Me Pierrat had indicated “challenging with the greatest firmness the accusations made” by the daily.

A “damning” file

A source close to the file had indicated at the beginning of 2022 that the order had opened this disciplinary procedure at the beginning of November 2021 for suspicions of “breaches” by Me Pierrat of “all the essential principles of the profession” but also for a “mode of management” which could “amount to harassment”. Two sources close to the matter had indicated that the file was “overwhelming”.

Contacted, the lawyer did not respond immediately. His counsel, Me Jean-Didier Belot, indicated that he had not received the decision. The appeal is suspensive, Emmanuel Pierrat will therefore be able to continue to practice pending a final decision.

The president of the lawyers of Paris, Me Julie Couturier, who had requested 24 months of prohibition to practice including 18 farms, “will appeal this decision”, according to the close source.

The lawyer, also a novelist, essayist and art collector, has defended several personalities from the world of culture, including the writers Gabriel Matzneff, accused of pedocrime, and Edouard Louis or the visual artist Claude Lévêque, suspected of rape of minors. He also defended the ex-ecologist Denis Baupin, accused of sexual violence.

According to a survey conducted in 2018 by the Defender of Rights, 72% of women and 47% of men lawyers report having witnessed discrimination against their colleagues.

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