Student housing insurance: what’s the point?

Why take out multi-risk home insurance for students?

Sometimes you wonder if it is worth it to take out a multi-risk housing contract for simple student accommodation! It must be said that this last category of people do not have the greatest financial means, and that even when they are lucky enough to get help from their families, the expense of a multi-risk insurance contract is one of those that is considered avoidable.

The arguments are therefore above all financial, but nevertheless it now seems mandatory to take out multi-risk insurance, as there can be so many of them.

Fortunately, several student housing insurance policies, especially online ones, continue to reduce prices year after year to allow students to insure their accommodation in good and proper shape during their course and also when they leave it for the holidays and they choose to keep it . .

Today, it seems logical to take out multi-risk home insurance for a “simple” studio apartment. both for the benefits of these and the possible risks that we can meet.

Student housing remains housing

Whether it’s just over 20 square meters or has multiple floors, a home is still a home, no matter how obvious that phrase may seem. As a result, it is subject to the same limitations, despite the generally much smaller size and practicality than in the comparison!

Student housing must therefore be insured to deal with the possible dangers that arise in all types of housing in France. Although it’s usually only busy during the week, when you go home to your parents at the weekend and are only there for practical purposes, the student accommodation must maintain the standard. It is therefore about home insurance. The latter can be a multi-risk insurance for several reasons and, above all, many advantages.

What does multi-risk insurance for student accommodation cover?

The criteria are enormous and generally cover all the accidents you can unfortunately imagine with housing, student or not. Water damage, fire or explosion, loss and theft of keys, vandalism? These ideas are cold in the back, but unfortunately do not always happen to others.

It is therefore necessary to protect yourself from them, regardless of whether you are responsible for them when they occur. With a multi-risk insurance, such is only very rarely asked and facilitates the reimbursement, the support and the many aids that can unravel such claims, covered for the occasion.

Multi-risk home insurance offers other benefits

With certain insurance companies, you can also take out certain guarantees of your choice and thus go beyond those that only cover your student accommodation. A real strength to above all be able to be insured at all levels.

E.g, civil liability is a strength and an advantage in every moment of everyday life and as soon as we can deal with any damage or problem, whether or not we are responsible for it.

Criminal defense and legal remedies are also data that can only be attributed to a student thanks to his home insurance guarantee. Something far from possible, since the remedies can be quantified financially without such assistance generally offered, at a lower price and directly in the multi-risk home insurance for student housing.

How to choose housing insurance for student housing?

As with all types of insurance, it can be interesting to compare the different offers thanks to the comparators available in large numbers online.

However, be aware that sometimes these comparators do not systematically allow you to highlight the different choices and criteria that are sometimes available on request directly from insurance companies.

Today and as mentioned in this article, it seems obvious for both economic and practical reasons, to insure their multi-risk student accommodation.

In fact, multi-risk insurance has become more and more attractive to all stakeholders in the automotive or property sector.

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