strong emotion after the death of Patrick Lyoya



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In duplex from Washington (United States) in the 11 p.m. of Franceinfo Thursday April 14, the journalist Camille Guttin returns to the reactions after the death of Patrick Lyoya, a black man who died during a police check in Grand Rapids.

In Grand Rapids (United States), a 26-year-old black motorist, Patrick Lyoya, died on April 4 during his arrest by a police officer. “Inevitably, this reopens the wound of the George Floyd affair and the Black Lives Matter movement that followed”, recalls the journalist Camille Guttin, in duplex from Washington for the 11 p.m. of Franceinfo Thursday, April 14. She indicates that after the publication of the video of the arrest of Patrick Lyoya, “several hundred protesters gathered in Grand Rapids”.

The journalist also points out that Patrick Lyoya’s family held a press conference on Thursday afternoon. “His father explained that it was nothing more than an execution. The family also pushed hard for the dissemination of these videos so that the case would be taken seriously. On the side of law enforcement , the Grand Rapids police chief explained that it was in any case a tragedy. The question today is to know whether the life of the police officer was threatened so that he goes out and uses his weapon. These are all the questions that the investigators will try to answer”explains Camille Guttin.

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