Street Fighter 6 preview: ready to push the limits?

While Street Fighter 6 is not expected before 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox SeriesWe were invited to participate closed beta which was held from 7 to 10 October. Played by multiplayer battle from Capcom, signed Yusuke Hashimoto, therefore opened the doors wide open for us to allow us to test for ourselves the latest version of its famous license. Place to fight.

show me who you are

First of all, and especially before facing anyone, Street Fighter 6 offers you to create your avatar. Not the character you have to fight, but the one to play Street Fighter on arcade terminals. You are really a gamer and not a fighter. Predefined templates are available to you, but then you are free to do whatever you want with it.. You can create belly fat as a thin guy or a mountain of muscles, whether a dwarf or a large perch, in the prime of life as already well wrinkled or still a child… And if he has a male or female physique at . base, you can decide to associate him with the gender you choose, or define him as neutral, with the tone you want and the clothes you choose, regardless of his gender.

All facial details are also adjustable (eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hair, facial hair, etc.), as well as the color of its fur and its skin, the shine of which you can determine or choose to give it a metallic look, which also plays on its luminescence. To this you must also add scars, makeup, moles and even more or less developed hair options on the different parts of the body (torso, arms, back, legs). However, note that if the other elements look pretty good, this last point is much less compelling. In short, you will understand, you can let your creativity run wild and bring the craziest and most unlikely avatars to life. You’re already having tons of fun here.

Street Fighter 6

A common room

Once this first step is completed, you can join Fighting Ground, World Tour or Battle Hub. But only the latter was available to us in this beta. After a few adventures to access it, a priori server problems that made the connection unstable, we were finally able to discover the place. This is’a large circular room filled with arcade cabinets where you can cross paths with other players, buy new cosmetic items and sign up for tournaments. To encouragecommunity and social aspect of the game, a chat is also at your disposal, as well as emotions to express yourself. There is even one photo mode if you want to take a selfie or a snapshot with your new friends.

Street Fighter 6

You also have a place to relax where you can sit see the latest live results on a giant screen, as you can access information about other participants via Capcom Fighter Network (CFN), or see repetitionssee placementsthem clubs… Similarly, all your statistics are available, as well as the history of your matches in the different modes. The store, on the other hand, allows it personalize your look with clothes and accessories, some of which are only released for a limited period. But it’s still necessary to have the means to afford them, which involves earning rewards by completing daily or weekly challenges offered by the software (participate in a certain number of matches in each category) or by competing in tournamentssome of which are only offered for a certain duration, through the events desk.

Street Fighter 6

In position

regarding games on arcade cabinets, you can simply participate as a spectator or of course participate. While waiting for an opponent, you also have the option to go to training room to practice the various moves of the fighter you have chosen. Placed back to back allows the bollards two players to compete using the character of their choice to draw from a list who was in this 8 character beta: Luke, Jamie, Ryu, Juri, Kimberly, Guile Ken and Chun-Li. But many others will join them when the game is released (E. Honda, Blanka, Dhaslim, Manon, Marisa, Lily, JP, Dee Jay, Cammy, Zangief…). Everyone had a single costume with two possible colors, probably there will also be many other options there during the release, just like for the courses that were limited here to 5 destinations.

Street Fighter 6

In addition to classic confrontations, you can also participate in ranked gamesdistributed in 8 leagues. However, you must first do 10 ranked matches to determine your starting rank. The improved graphics of the game with nice animations and beautiful spectacular pictures and other scripted knockouts with the most beautiful effect, allow to enlarge the matches. However, we regret a slight lack of collision control, like our legs happily crossing the stools placed in front of the terminals. At least we find the perfect Street Fighter style its horizontal 2D battles and its various movements (Special Move, Overdrive Art, Super Art, Drive Impact and Drive Parry) based on different combinations partly draws on gauges to fill (Super Art and Drive). Updated, it still works.

We find the Street Fighter style perfect.

Street Fighter 6

Note that you can see the different options available to you by using classic or modern controls, and reconfigure the keys as you wish if the ones suggested by default do not suit you. Speaking of classic, you can also find it in Hub terminals that allow you to enjoy Super Street Fighter II Turbo like in 1994, featuring 16 fighters of the time, in free or ranked mode, against players from around the world. Finally there is also extreme combat terminals whose peculiarity is to suggest confrontations with variable rules and obstacles. This can be in normal mode, consisting of draining the opponent’s health, but also with original conditions, such as tipping the balance on the opposite side, or the presence of a raging bull rushing straight ahead during the fight. A nice concept. Hopefully when the game comes out there will be enough people to easily find an opponent, which unfortunately wasn’t really the case here.

Street Fighter 6

With this latest version, the Street Fighter license intends to return to the forefront of multiplayer fighting games. Still in horizontal 2D, it respects the fighting style that made the series successful, emphasizing the community and competitive aspect. Street Fighter 6 makes room for the spectacle with impressive punches staged in a cinematic manner, and features improved and generally successful graphics that should appeal to fans who will also appreciate finding nostalgic terminals of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, as well as others that offer original extreme battles. We are now waiting to discover the full overview and levels, as well as what Fighting Ground and World Tour offer, absent in this beta.

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