Stef Peeters (Eupen) was back after the slap against Cercle: “We are not ready to play the maintenance”

The captain of the Pandas had harsh words for his teammates after the total mess and humiliation suffered on Saturday on the turf of the Cercle (5-1).

“We were completely wrong, whether it was mentally, on the second balls or the desire to do something (Saturday),” declared a very disappointed Stef Peeters at the microphone of Sporza. “At no point could we claim a draw, let alone the three points. It’s zero points across the board.”

The captain of the Pandas made a cold and dry observation in light of his team-mates’ disastrous performance: “We are not ready to fight for maintenance. Some players have to wonder if they are doing enough for the club to stay in the first division.”

“Everyone has to decide for themselves what they bring every day and not just Saturday or Sunday. You also have to do the right things every day and that seems to be a problem,” said an exasperated Peeters. “For many players, it already seems difficult to perform every day in training.”

Eupen is number 17 and penultimate in the Pro League. The results are alarming: only 9 points taken out of a possible 36.

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