Statement from the management of 15. December 2022: Ready and determined

The meeting of the Confederal Executive Commission today welcomes the progress of the Force Ouvrière in the public service during the professional elections held from 1eh until 8 December. We are on our way and will become the second civil service union on all three sides, which is historic. ! The EU also welcomes the good election results that are achieved daily in private companies. Let us everywhere start a union campaign now and offer membership to those who voted for us.

FO consolidates its first position in the state civil service, makes clear progress in the hospital civil service and notes good results in the territorial area where FO lists were presented.

FO regrets the drop in participation, which can in no way be interpreted as a lack of representativeness of trade unions. Above all, it reflects the complexity of electronic voting operations and numerous malfunctions.

For FO, these good results are the result of FO’s demands being well received by employees in the public and private sectors, whether it concerns increased remuneration or improvement of working conditions, the defense of careers and statutes, but also its association with republican public service and contractual practice.

These good results are also and above all those of the activists who act daily in the field, for the defense of the employees. The executive committee thanks all the comrades who are fully committed to these campaigns and have made these elections a real interprofessional success for FO.

The change in the timetable for the pension reform does not change the FO’s determination. The executive committee confirms that FO will oppose any postponement of the statutory retirement age and/or extension of the contribution period, and that it stands ready to mobilize as soon as the project is announced by the government, if the latter ci maintains this measure.

For FO: no reduction in the retirement age, no extension of the contribution period, maintenance of all schemes, statutes and the Civil and Military Pensions Act.

For FO, there is no problem with financing pensions: there is an employment problem. That is why it is necessary to develop permanent jobs, to increase wages, to better manage the end of the career and to rethink the mechanisms of exemption from employer contributions, to increase the amount of contributions and generate more income for our social protection. The EU confirms its opposition to the transfer of the collection of supplementary pension contributions from Agirc-Arrco to URSSAF.

The Executive Commission welcomes the unanimous positions of all trade unions against the pension reform that the government wants to implement under the impetus of the President of the Republic.

The Executive Commission renews its call to organize general assemblies and meetings for employees in the public as well as in the private sector, to inform relentlessly about this project and prepare for mobilizations, including in the event of a strike.

In this context, the Executive Commission adopted the new rules of procedure for the Confederate Strike Fund, especially with a view to significantly increasing support per strike day.

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