Spotify Platinum: Want to pay double for lossless audio?

Spotify could finally offer an offering including lossless audio within a new Platinum formula.

Spotify HiFi is still waiting

In February 2021, the company announced the arrival before the end of the year by Spotify HiFi to appeal to users who want higher quality, lossless compared to the CD format. In the company’s own words from February 2021 Spotify HiFi will be available later this year and will deliver music in CD-quality lossless audio format to your Spotify Connect-enabled device and speakers. Spotify clearly couldn’t break that promise. The company may have been surprised by the arrival of lossless offers from competitors, including the integration of lossless audio on Apple Music at no extra cost a few months later (the availability of lossless audio and Dolby Atmos for the same price on Apple Music was announced in May and enters into force in June 2021).

A new platinum formula?

Spotify Platinum: Want to pay double for lossless audio?

A user who wanted to cancel his Premium subscription with Spotify received a survey from the company refers to a Platinum offering including lossless audio (HiFi), as well as several advantages, including Studio Sound (equivalent to high-quality 24-bit/192 kHz Lossless?), Headphone Tuner (adaptation of sound via a profile?), audio informationversions Pro libraries and playlists, plus podcasts with fewer ads, all for $19.99 per month, which is double the current personal subscription.

Spotify Platinum: Want to pay double for lossless audio?

It remains to be seen whether this offer actually sees the light of day, and above all if the few benefits offered beyond the lossless audio will be enough to make the pill go for double the price. If the offer is not attractive enough, Spotify may see some of its customers turn to competitors.

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