Smartphone promo: Google Pixel 6a, one of the best smartphones for photography, is at the lowest price!

Good deal Smartphone promo: Google Pixel 6a, one of the best smartphones for photography, is at the lowest price!

If there is a smartphone that is worth the price in terms of quality / price ratio, it is the Google Pixel 6a! We can even say that it is the best camera phone on the market in its price range. It also exceeds much more expensive smartphones, including on the side of Samsung and Apple. And if the starting price is already attractive, it is currently benefiting from a very nice promotion which has brought the price down to just €334!

The Google Pixel 6a costs just €334, which is incredible value for money

Published on July 28, 2022, on Google Pixel 6a immediately seduced and undermined the competition. While feeling like Xiaomi Where realm is generally known for offering low prices, Google does it much better with its Google Pixel 6a launched at only €459.

The American giant has particularly focused on its photo component, so it has something to envy to much more expensive top models. You will be able to acquire a smartphone that is really good for photography and having fun at a really good price.

Especially since Amazon has decided to lower the price even more by giving it the benefit of a -27% reduction. This campaign therefore increases it to just €334.10!

Buy Google Pixel 6a for €334.10 at Amazon

The qualities of the best smartphone for photography under €400

The Google Pixel 6a is the only (or almost) smartphone around €300 that can claim to be really good at photography. If most cheap smartphones rely on 4 often not very useful photo sensors in addition to the primary one, Google has chosen to bet on only two targets:

  • A 12.2 Mpx wide-angle sensor (f / 1.7);
  • A 12 Mpx ultra wide-angle sensor (f / 2.2).

In both cases, the quality is crucial and allows you to take very beautiful pictures, especially since the Google Tensor chip optimizes the rendering.

The camera proves all the more impressive at night, where it manages to illuminate the scenes you’re capturing perfectly while retaining plenty of detail.

However, you can imagine: to offer such a price, Google had to make some concessions, especially at the level of the screen. If we are on one 6.1-inch full HD+ OLED screenthe refresh rate is limited to 60 Hz. But the good calibration of the mobile phone still gives it the correct buoyancy.

That Google Tensor chipassociated with 6 GB of RAM, also delivers good performance and allows you to play demanding video games as long as you don’t run them at maximum quality. More generally, the smartphone will run all your tasks without slowing down, even in multitasking.

As for autonomy, 4410 mAh battery gives about a day’s use. But charging is quite slow.

The smartphone is IP68 certified, compatible with 5G and NFC. It has a storage space of 128 GB.

In short, at an unbeatable price, Google offers a perfect smartphone for photography and performance.

Buy Google Pixel 6a for €334.10 at Amazon

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