Shiloh, died at 12 of breast cancer: for her parents, the doctors refused to believe it

The 12-year-old Shiloh died of breast cancer at the end of 2021. A very rare case, diagnosed too late because of her young age, according to the girl’s parents, who want to file a complaint against health facilities.

The young Shiloh died in December 2021. Aged 12, she died of breast cancer. A particularly rare case, which today revolts her parents, convinced that with faster care, their daughter could still be alive.

“Breast cancer at 12 does not exist”

It is the Parisian who reports this drama Monday, May 23, explaining the anger of Shiloh’s mother and father, who intend to file a complaint against several health establishments and against the attending physician. For them, the discovery of the girl’s cancer could have been faster. “When I said it was cancer, I was told: But, Madam, breast cancer at 12 years old does not exist”, explains her mother on a daily basis.

“When I said it was cancer, I was told: ‘But madam, breast cancer at 12 does not exist'”

The parents of this teenager describe a terrible medical wandering, no one believing in the development of such a pathology at her age

– The Parisian (@le_Parisian) May 23, 2022

It all started in March, when the little girl was taken to the doctor after indicating pain in her left breast. While his mother calls for a mammogram, it is explained to him that this type of examination is not recommended for such young audiences because of the great sensitivity of the mammary glands to radiation at that age.

Malignant tumor detected

After an ultrasound, which does not detect the cancer, then visits to various hospitals and to several dermatologists, the young pre-adolescent girl ends up being sent to gynecological emergencies.

Four months after feeling the first pain, the diagnosis is made: it is a malignant tumor. The chemotherapy started was not enough to save Shiloh, who died of cancer on December 8.

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