Sectors in tension: unemployed ready to be recruited immediately – 20-hour newspaper

In less than three months, Caroline went from registering with Pôle Emploi to signing a permanent contract in the restaurant industry. The property is under construction. If it was fast, it is because Caroline showed enough motivation to be selected by her Pôle Emploi agency. It has integrated a pool of 150 people who can immediately meet the needs of certain companies. A new device approved by his boss. Maxime Nicolas, operations manager of the restaurant “Aux enfants terribles”, Marquette-Lez-Lille, his future boss has recruited 12 people, among them we find regulars in the restaurant like Caroline but also young people without experience. To build its pool, Pôle emploi has identified the minimum skills required for the 23 professions that have the most difficulty recruiting. Integration of the pool is done on a voluntary basis. There is no bonus for participating, no penalty in case of refusal. At the end of the year, if the system has proven itself, it will be generalized in all instances. TF1 | Report T. Jarrion, A. Ponsar


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