scientists in the arena of green activism – Liberation

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The “Scientist Rebellion” movement is carrying out civil disobedience actions in October in Germany. For some scientists, direct action is the only way to make society understand the climate crisis.

For the past three days, scientists have blocked – for a few hours – the entrances to the Hotel Berlin Central District (where the meetings of the World Health Summit are held), the German Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport. In recent months, the presence of white coats in militant actions in defense of the environment has become more and more common. This month, the “Scientist Rebellion” movement (affiliated with Debt for climate and Letzte Generation) targeted Germany for pressuring the government to act and admit that the goal of keeping temperature rise below 1.5°C cannot be met.

Elodie Vercken, researcher in ecology at Inrae, is part of the French delegation on site. She is violent to participate in these acts of civil disobedience. “It’s very scary. As scientists, we’re more used to having a simple relationship with authority,” she explains to Release by telephone. It acts to demand a political response that is commensurate with the challenges, i.e “to put the principle of ecological sustainability first above all others. The absolute priority must be to ensure a sustainable future for all”.

“Researchers cannot be satisfied with the stands”

“Scientists from all over Europe met in Germany to multiply actions for a fortnight until our demands were met. One of the questions will be how the German police react. In some


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