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Novaxia VISTA

NOVAXIA VISTA is a Société Civile Immobilière (SCI) in the SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY category, with variable capital, created on 30/10/2022. NOVAXIA VISTA is available through at least one life insurance contract, allowing savers to benefit from guaranteed liquidity in the event of resale and tax benefits linked to life insurance.

Novaxia VISTA: the first on the market

Novaxia VISTA is the first solidarity and responsible fund to live better thanks to the Future Real Estate of Life Sciences and Technologies. Thus, this CS, which is available through insurance products (life insurance and PER insurance), Novaxia VISTA, is the first SRI labeled unit of account created to contribute to a better life thanks to Real Estate, Life Sciences and Technologies of Coming. A pioneering real estate savings solution specializing in growth sectors in France and Europe.

Performance targets

Novaxia VISTA aims for an annual performance of 5% (target, not guaranteed) thanks to the complementarity between two performance factors: yield investments and development investments resulting from urban recycling.

Investment strategy

Novaxia Vista buys, develops and leases assets in France and Europe to diversified tenants from SMEs to large private or public groups in the areas of:

  • Bioscience : Biotechnology, pharmaceutical products, health research laboratories, nutrition… to enable people to live in better conditions.
  • Future technologies : Environmental science, sustainable agriculture, soft mobility, artificial intelligence, robotics, sustainable technologies… to support the scientific, digital and


Why focus on these sectors?

In France, medical research, although recognized worldwide, did not lead to the production of vaccines during the Covid-19 pandemic. This event, associated with the drain of our brains towards research centers abroad, partly reflects the lack of suitable real estate assets (laboratories, research centers, incubators, etc.). This lack of structures and services currently represents the biggest obstacle to the development of future life sciences and technologies. According to a study by the Urban Land Institute, 60%1 of Life Sciences players believe that the lack of real estate is the biggest obstacle to their development in France.

The production of these premises in France and in Europe is becoming a necessity. Responding to this need and revitalizing the sector is the ambition of Novaxia VISTA, which aims to recycle obsolete and empty assets into science and technology real estate.

SRI label / Article 9

Novaxia Investissement, whose purpose is to “develop investments in urban recycling to benefit as many people as possible» chose to open this investment, normally reserved for institutional investors, to savers through a cooperative account available in life insurance and PER contracts. To meet the demand of investors looking for funds that combine responsible investment and profitability, Novaxia will use 5 to 10% of the collection for solidarity investments.

SC Novaxia Vista referenced in life insurance and PER

Novaxia Vista is referred via the following insurance companies: APICIL, Generali Patrimoine, Spirica, Suravenir and Vie Plus.

Novaxia Vista, in short

Creation 30/10/2022
SCI with capital Variable
SRI brand

SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation): EU regulation which, among other things, requires the classification of financial products according to their ESG intensity. A fund is said to be “Article 8” if it promotes ESG characteristics along with other financial objectives, or “Article 9” when it has a sustainable investment objective. Any fund that does not comply with the previous two categories is classified as an “Article 6” fund.

Section 9
Synthetic Risk Indicator (SRRI) (7 = maximum risk)

SRRI (Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator) is an indicator that must be present in Key Investor Information Documents (KIID). This indicator measures the level of volatility of the fund and the risk to which your capital is exposed.

1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ 4️⃣ 5️⃣ 6️⃣ 7️⃣
Share fund
Financial indicators
Performance (raw) CN
Internal rate of return (2) (SORTING) reach
Past results are no guarantee of future results.
Are you investing in NOVAXIA VISTA?
Open subscription
Subscription price for 1 pc €100
Subscription fees 2.00%
Administration Fees 1.60%

Receive documentation

Request for information NOVAXIA VISTA, without obligation on your part.

(1) Yield Rate (TDVM): Distribution rate on market value, defined as the gross dividend, before French and foreign deductions, paid for year N (including extraordinary interim payments and share of more distributed values) divided by the average purchase price for year N of the share.
(2) Internal rate of return (IRR): Measures the profitability of the investment over a given period. It takes into account the change in the share value and the dividend distributed over the period.
RAN: Retained earnings PGR: Provision rate for major repairs.

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Attentionlike any investment in real estate, SCIs are investments with a risk of capital loss.
  • Risk of price loss : The price of SCI shares may fluctuate upwards or downwards. The valuation of SCI shares depends on the conditions of the real estate market without taking into account the inherent quality of the assets held.
  • Dividend risk : no return is guaranteed. An SCI may not provide the smallest return. Past results are not strictly indicative of future results.

Investment in a medium of the SC and SCI type can only be made by payment (initial or additional, excluding scheduled payments) or by one-time arbitrage under the conditions and limits defined below:

  • Age limit: up to 75 years at the time of surgery.
  • Outstanding invested in vehicles of the type of alternative funds (AIF) must not exceed the limit established in Article R 131-1 of the Insurance Act (from 1 November 2017 this limit is a maximum of 30% of the outstanding amount of the contract at the time of the investment at arbitration or additional payment). SCs and SCIs are per definition alternative fund types and are therefore affected by this regulatory limit.

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