Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx and Marsacq XV ready for derby in Region 2

On Sunday, at the reception of the neighbor, “he hopes for a revival in order not to make the same mistakes as last year. fortunately, we had made up for our disappointment in the season with a really good challenge campaign in which we reached the semi-finals. ” But this season doesn’t start in the best way either: ” We have a lot of people, the players work a lot in training, they are good players, but they can’t do it: Sunday they were amorphous. »

Training club

But with 70 seniors, 140 children at rugby school, two ladies teams (senior and junior), the club has 350 members. “This places us in fourth place in the Landes behind Mont-de-Marsan, Dax and Tyrosse. We have good facilities, a good atmosphere and in all modesty we do good training. But it will end up going full circle if we don’t get better results with the seniors,” he warns.

“The club’s original aim was to qualify, but we didn’t start on a good footing, so it’s going to be very complicated unless we put things right very quickly!”

“Make a result”

Also the new coaches, Serge Errecart (ex AS Bayonne, for the pack) and Brice Boué (back lines) have specially prepared this very important game for the rest of the season against the Marsacq XV, which has ambitions and has been surfing success for a while. He also started the competition very well by winning against ELO (24-23). Willy Lévéjacq, president of Marsacq XV, minimizes this victory: “It’s a bit of a hold-up. But for our team, which is at the level of many new players, it’s a good little game at the start of the season, with a win at the end that doesn’t spoil anything. »

And it is in this dynamic that the men of David Etcheverry and Jonathan Paysan will travel “to get a result” and continue to measure themselves in this first block against experienced clubs. Derby atmosphere guaranteed.

SAMS will start its season during this derby.


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