Saint-Lô: Arthur and Lubin are ready for the Enduropale du Touquet

Arthur Trottier and Lubin Guesdon, two young people from Saint-Lô (Manche) are preparing to participate in their first Enduropale du Touquet on February 4 and 5, 2023. (©Visual provided by Arthur and Lubin.)

On the weekend of February 4 and 5, Saint-Lois Lubin Guesdon and Arthur Trottier, in their early twenties, will experience an extraordinary adventure. Indeed they have been the sign to participate in the legendary Enduropale du Touquet, longest motorcycle race on sand in the world, which takes place every year since 1975, on the Côte d’Opale.

One on a motorcycle, the other on a quad

Lubin will participate in the main race on Saturday afternoon on his KTM 250 along with 1,300 other entries. Among them champions whom Lubin follows and admires during the French and European championships. “It’s incredible to think that we will be participating in this race with them! »

For Arthur, quad rider, it will be Sunday afternoon with more than 500 participants in this “quaduro”. Both are enthusiasts: Lubin started very young with the club La Licorne, in Saint-Lô. As for Arthur, he fell into it, so to speak, as his father sells quads.

The two friends can’t believe their luck to have been selected for the Enduro: “Already registering at the beginning of November was complicated, says Lubin. So when it was drawn, it was unexpected. »

Family trip

For these two young people who just returned to work life, it is also a cost: €300 for registration, not including costs for preparing the motorcycle and quad and the trip to Le Touquet. But the game is worth the candle, and the adventure will be all the more beautiful as it will be experienced as a family.

We rented a motorhome for the weekend. We leave on Thursday 2nd February with friends and family and we don’t return until the following Monday.

Lubin GuesdonAmateur motorcycle driver, in Saint-Lô

Because apparently Lubin is staying on Sunday to encourage Arthur. Pierre Ozouf, the third friend of the band, will also be there, but not on his motorcycle as originally planned. Due to a problem with his bike, he had to give up. It is only a postponement, because he too dreams of taking part in the legendary race.

A difficult trial

Enduro, Lubin and Arthur prepared for it: they went to practice at Loon Plague, in the Nordics, to test this new playground, which they are not used to: “We drive more on dirt roads. »

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They will need endurance and a lot of energy to hold on to the three-hour race – 13 km – which promises falls and abandonments! Because if the first part of the circuit is straight and flat, the second is rich waves, harassment and turns. “To be classified you must complete at least three laps, but our aim is of course to finish. »

The main race, on Saturday afternoon, in which Lubin takes part, will be broadcast on the L’Equipe channel.

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