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Willow Smith had given a clear indication of the path she now intended to take lately i feel EVERYTHING, launched last year. It is therefore with confidence and audacity that the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett assumes her punk rock kindle his best yet.

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Pierre-Marc Durivage

Pierre-Marc Durivage
The press

A careful listen to the 11 songs on this short but dense album allows us to measure the path traveled by the 21-year-old young woman who has made her career more than 10 years. His fifth album is an expression of skillfully dosed eclecticism, of a mastery that testifies to great musical maturity. She thus manages to anchor her pop choruses to metal verses – the opening track, it’s my faultwith its screamo finale and double kick drum, is the best example of this.

The next, Descending infinitelyis a remarkable fusion of punk energy and Middle Eastern-tinged melodies, while curious/furious wants to be one of the most accessible pieces, but also the most catchy of the album. Then comes WHY?an excellent grunge piece based on skillfully deconstructed rhythms.

Clearly free of the labels that might be attached to her, Willow reveals more than ever the wide range of emotions that her spectacularly flexible voice can carry. In the excellent soar like a GODDESS, a hyper-danceable ska-punk number, she allows herself an R&B vocal bridge full of nuance, as if Whitney Houston had been invited to sing in a rancid fervor. In the excellent Definitely not close to mesung in duet with the brilliant iconoclast Yves Tumor, she uses the tension of crushed synths to push her voice to its limits before continuing with No controlhis most athletic vocal performance on the album.

The punk himself BATSHIT! ends the listening session after only 29 minutes, but it doesn’t matter because we recommend listening on a loop.

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