Resumption of the Covid-19 pandemic: it will be necessary to “live with the disease and continue vaccination”

Infectious disease specialist Benjamin Davido warns of a “perfectly unexpected epidemic resumption”.

We will definitely never end the Covid-19 epidemic. According to infectious disease specialist Benjamin Davido, from the Garches hospital (Hauts-de-Seine) interviewed on France Info, it will be necessary “actually living with the disease and resuming vaccination boosters”.

For him, the increase in new contaminations in recent days in France is clearly synonymous with an epidemic resumption.
However, this new epidemic outbreak would be “perfectly unexpected in relation to the season”, especially due to the high temperatures.

According to data from Public Health France relayed by the Covidtracker platform, over one week, critical care admissions for Covid-19 are up 17% over one week and new contaminations by 57%.

A resumption of the epidemic which could be explained by several factors. Namely, the end of the last restrictions in the public space and in particular the wearing of the compulsory mask in transport and the appearance of BA.4 and BA.5, two new strains of Omicron. These two newcomers are “more contaminants, from 10 to 15%”.

“The epidemic is finding fresh blood even though we have passed the period of the cold season”, worries the specialist. For Benjamin Davido, you have to learn to really live with the virus, as you live with the flu. He therefore proposes to use the same methodology as with this virus.

Anticipating and vaccinating the most vulnerable

It is therefore necessary to anticipate the next waves and plan new vaccine reminders, for populations at risk. Indeed, the flu vaccine is administered every year with regularity to fragile people. “There is no lasting immunity to these coronaviruses, like the flu, and that is why we vaccinate every year”explains the immunologist.

Can we spend the summer in peace? Possibly yes, according to Benjamin Davido. With the last booster shots at the beginning of the year, immunity in the general population is still strong for a few months. But in the course of autumn, the situation should change. To cope with a wave after the summer, a new dose of vaccine will be necessary, announces the doctor.

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