Republicans ready to vote for “just reform,” says Eric Ciotti

Unless further action is taken against 49.3, the Les Républicains (LR) group in the National Assembly holds the key to the adoption of the pension reform bill. And the new president of the party, Eric Ciotti, intends to make the right-wing movement’s voice heard in the government’s ear.

“The budgetary, demographic and economic situation imposes this reform” and “I therefore want to be able to vote for a fair reform that saves our postpaid pension system”said in an interview with Sunday newspaper (JDD) of 8 January, representative of the Alpes-Maritimes.

“Politically, the right of government has always supported the need for a pension reform that leads to working a little more”and that’s voting “a matter of coherence and responsibility”supports the chairman of LR.

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But he adds, ” to catch up [le] wasted time”the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, “proposes in the midst of an economic and social crisis a reform which in the eyes of the French appears to be far too serious”.

A reform to “spread over two five-year electoral terms”

Thus Eric Ciotti asked the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, “to mitigate the brutality of the reform”. According to him, this should “spread over two five-year terms”with an increase in the legal departure age to 63 years in 2027 and then to 64 years in 2032. The head of government could announce this on Tuesday after considering 65 years.

The minimum pension of 1,200 euros programmed by the executive board shall apply to new participants and also “retroactive to current pensioners who enjoy the most modest pensions”what “will be one of the conditions of our vote”warns the leader of the right-wing party i JDD.

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Was he heard by Elisabeth Borne, met on Thursday? “Spontaneously, I will answer yes”replies Mr. Ciotti, who, however, is awaiting his announcements on Tuesday “with care”.

“I strive to ensure, especially with [le président du groupe LR à l’Assemblée nationale] Olivier Marleix, with [le chef des file des sénateurs LR] Bruno Retaileau and co [le secrétaire général de LR] Aurélien Pradié that the position of our political family is of course unique and responsible. I have no doubt that it will.”adds Mr. Ciotti about the different sensitivities between deputies and senators in the movement.

No other connections

Following this, the Minister for Action and Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, declared – also in JDD – trust “consistency” of elected LRs by asking them not to become one “situation lobbyists” about pensions.



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“Follow through with a reform that you have called for because, like us, you know it is necessary”he urges them and confirms that he wants to avoid the use of 49.3, which allows the bill to be passed into force without the vote of deputies.

When asked whether this alignment of ideas foreshadows other approaches to Macronie, Eric Ciotti dryly replies: “No way! If tomorrow we vote for the reform, we will do so in a spirit of responsibility for the country’s interests. But the country’s interest is also that there should be a real change in this power as soon as possible, which will have harmed France .”

Pension reform: an already contested project

By highlighting the increase in the retirement age as the main measure, the reform leaves the realities of the labor market for seniors in the shade.

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