Republicans ready to ally with the executive branch

Alexandre Chauveau

This Tuesday, Elisabeth Borne presents the content of the new pension reform. A controversial project, the government found itself struggling to secure the vote of the republicans to try to achieve the reform’s vote without 49.3.


Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will unveil the much-discussed pension reform this Tuesday during a press conference. Barring surprise, the executive board will propose a postponement of the legal departure age to 64. In addition to 64 years, the reform allows for an extension of the contribution period to 43 years in 2035, a measure aimed at obtaining the essential support of the court in the Assembly. After much hesitation, Eric Ciotti, president of the Les Républicains group, will support the text.

Remain in opposition while being credible to govern

The goal for Eric Ciotti was to reach an agreement between the senators, who had been in favor of this reform for several years, and the deputies, some of whom were much less inclined to vote for the text. The effort was important for the new president of the Republicans, eager not to deny himself, while the right wing has been demanding this reform since 2017. Eric Ciotti is also committed to ensuring that his group remains a so-called governing party, the pension reform was therefore a matter of credibility for his political family.

“To assert the spirit of responsibility and the country’s interests”

It now remains to present the result of the negotiations with the executive. This negotiation sounds like a victory for Les Républicains as the right prepares to vote again on a government text. “It is a political gesture that was made towards the right wing and Eric Ciotti. They (the government’s editor’s note) have no choice, because otherwise they would have to go through 49.3 and go through in force on such a large reform, it was not possible”, analyzes Agnès Evren, president of the LR association in Paris.

There is therefore no question of signing a blank check to the government. The right claims “the spirit of responsibility and the interests of the country”. LR, on the other hand, should be against the next texts from the executive, such as renewable energy or immigration.

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