Rennes Assize Court: the Advocate General requires 12 years in prison against Wesley B.

The Attorney General requested 12 years in prison for Wesley B. (©Laure Gentil /Actu Rennes)

This friday july 1stthe assize court of Ille-et-Vilaine, in reindeerwill render its verdict. WesleyB. did he attempt to kill his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer H., and three police officers in December 2018 or was it an attempt to kill himself?

For the attorney general, there is no doubt that Wesley B. is guilty of the attempted murder of the three members of law enforcement and the attempted murder of Jennifer H.

It therefore requires against the accused a 12-year prison sentence with a socio-judicial follow-up of 5 years. It also requires the ineligibility and prohibition for 15 years of carrying a weapon as well as withdrawal of parental authority on his three children.

“We don’t kill for love”

Jennifer H.’s lawyer, Me Hubert, spoke at length to Wesley B.

We don’t kill for love! There may be pride, hatred… But no love in what you have done.

Mr HubertLawyer for Jennifer H. ex-girlfriend of Wesley B.

She also does not accept the argument of the attempted suicide. She talks about ” stalking » : « you watched her, you followed her. This assassination attempt was born in your head a very long time ago. The remark makes Wesley B. stand up in his cubicle. He advances towards the plexiglass and waves her finger in a vehement “no.”

Me Hubert concludes his remarks by asking the accused to “introspect” and reflect on the psychological consequences for kids. “To love your children is not to tell them that you are going to kill their mother”.

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An investigation called into question by the defense

Me Le Mintier energetically defended Wesley B. He is annoyed in particular by the way the investigation was conducted, regrets that the weapon was handled by the police and that the scene was not “frozen”. “It is not up to him to prove his innocence,” recalls the tenor.

When looking for the truth, we do not overlook the clothes of Wesley B.

Me Le MintierAttorney for Wesley B.

The lawyer also refers to the report of ballistic expertise who acknowledges the possibility that Wesley B. accidentally loaded the gun while trying to hide it in his pants. He also requested the viewing of video surveillance cameras, but was unable to obtain them. Me Le Mintier therefore asks reclassification as “violence with weapons”.

Me Birrion, who represents the three police officers, speaks to him of “fluctuations in the statements” of the accused. He recalls that Wesley B. first explained that he wanted to end his life before changing his version, to admit that he wanted to do emotional blackmail. “If by chance this weapon had not jammed, we all know what would have happened”.

The Assize Court of Rennes must render its verdict this Friday afternoon.

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